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Learnings from a broken leg

At the start of November I fell and broke my leg in 3 places.

It’s been a real learning journey for me. I have learned patience - which is not easy for me!

I’ve learned humility, what it feels like to be disabled in an able bodied world, albeit temporarily.

I’ve learned what it’s like to be completely dependant on others for everything and what it feels like to be housebound, to have to ask others for absolutely every single little thing.

I’ve learned to appreciate the small things- like going into a shop and choosing what you want to eat and coming home and cooking it- that is a luxury that was unafforded to me for so long and is a luxury many can only dream of.

I hadn’t realised the trauma of breaking a limb and being so vulnerable. I had never felt like this way before.

I’ve been so lucky with so many friends who have given up their time to do housework, pick things up for me, drop things off.

Never again will I take my independence for granted .

Never again will I take my endless energy for granted as now I have limited energy and have to choose how to use it on a daily basis.

And if I have any friends who break a limb I’ll defo be in the queue offering to help as I hadn’t realised the massive impact on mobility and life for so long. 7 weeks in and I’m still relying on so many people for so many things. Thank you.

Grateful I have the luxury of knowing 2023 will bring back my independence, my mobility and my freedom of choice that many are left permanently without in this state after an accident.

Gratitude for the life lesson, …..but come on now bones …..get healed already! 😂

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