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"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Brené Brown

What I can offer


The traditional way of working and is preferable to many people as they feel more connected in the counsellor/ client relationship and physically coming to an outside, safe secure confidential environment can be beneficial. The room where face to face counselling takes place is within a gym environment, I have a private, comfortable and secure room within Crossfit 1298 in the Coaster Sports Arena in Falkirk. (The old Pennies pub if you know there!) This type of environment may be less intimidating for people who aren’t sure about entering a typical counselling room within office space for example as it is a more relaxed and discreet venue. The building is wheelchair accessible . My room has a clearance of 28” for chairs to enter. If your chair is larger than this it would be only be a few steps from the doorway to the sofa.


The pandemic made the world more adaptable and as counsellors we increasingly found ourselves on the other end of a phone or laptop. This has many advantages for people, in that transport and distance aren’t obstacles to getting to appointments, people can search globally for therapists rather than just their locale which makes choosing the right person.

Things to consider when thinking about this style of counselling is how much privacy you can have at home as sometimes the issues you want to discuss are difficult with family around. Thinking about your internet connection and access to a digital device can also be a consideration. Give yourself time after the session to process the session before rejoining your family, working or making other calls.



A risk assessment would be taken before we start our sessions on a particular route. You may be curious what would happen if we see familiar people. We would discuss this before embarking on outdoor therapy. Shoes that you are used to walking in is advisable and a waterproof/appropriate jacket to to take into account the weather may be required. Unless the weather is extreme or terrain dangerous, then the session will go ahead. I spend a lot of time outside in nature  in all weathers and it helps me feel grounded and connected and less ‘ in my head’ and more ‘in the moment’, if this resonates with you please let me know and I’d love to meet you where the natural world reconnects us to the elemental forces!


What to expect


We sit either face to face in a room or via a screen or phone. I will provide you a safe confidential space to bring forward whatever has brought you to this space.

It is normal to feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about personal things.


It can take a great deal of bravery to come forward to share what’s on you mind but it can be one of the most beneficial things you can do in your life as it can help you reevaluate life choices and ways of being and thinking and seeing what works for you and maybe what ways of being and doing are maybe not so beneficial for you. Please refer to the testimonials I’ve shared from some of my clients.   


I will keep secure, anonymised notes, which you are free to view at anytime. I meet with a supervisor on a regular basis to anonymously discuss my work and make sure I’m working ethically and in the best interests of my clients.

Session lengths

You are in control of your therapy sessions. Some clients come for a single session to work through a dilemma, others are keen to have a structured idea of how long things will take. 

Together, we can discuss how therapy will work for you. You are in charge. 

There is no specific time frame for therapy, it's your journey.

Please note session length is 50 minutes.


Face to face sessions cost £54 per 50 min session

Online/ telephone sessions cost £45 per 50 min session .

Outdoor sessions cost £45 per 50 min session

Students and unemployed people cost £35 per 50 min session


I also offer ‘bundle’ packages, where you can pay for 5 sessions upfront, scheduled for whenever suits you, in which you receive the 5th session 25% off.

Students:                                   5 sessions = £166
Zoom/Telephone:                    5 sessions = £213
In person:                                  5 sessions = £254

Outdoor therapy:                     5 sessions = £213

Payment is by BACS to following account

Account Number: 70580543

Sort Code: 608371

Account Name: Kirsty McCarroll

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