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“Get out of your head and into your heart!”

“Get out of your head and into your heart. “

I read this bit of advice recently - which suggests shifting focus from overthinking or rationalising to embracing emotions and intuitive feelings. It encourages a more heartfelt and authentic approach to life, decisions, and connections with others.

Since I broke my leg 15 months ago I hadn’t had the confidence to race my dogs again. My dogs shattered the bones in my right leg and I had to learn to walk again. What I found tho was that my confidence didn’t come back despite the bones being healed.

Prior to the accident I was never scared, never for a minute thought I would break or have an accident but now I feel differently. Jumping onto a wheeled rig behind 2 sled dogs took a leap of faith and good brakes!! When I saw this quote I figured I had to get out of my head and just do it as that’s where my heart lies- my passion.

And with doing what my heart loves I feel more energised and full of joy and happiness again. And each time I’ve been out my confidence grows and my heart is full of more joy!

  • Do you know where your heart lies?

  • What is your head stopping you doing?

  • Can you find/create joy in your life by indulging in something that makes your heart sing?

  • When is the last time you felt this feeling?

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