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The Box Game

Thoughts beliefs and values.

Growing up we internalise the beliefs and values and what’s important to our caregivers. Without taking time to pause and reflect often we go through life adhering to someone’s else’s belief patterns about life. This is something I often talk about with clients.

Imagine you have boxes on the table and one is for your own thoughts values and beliefs and what is important to you.

The other boxes are for your caregivers- who was around and formative in your care growing up.

How many people were in your life growing up who have given you messages about what is important to them in life ?

For example -

Caregiver A- it’s important to work hard and be independent

Caregiver B- you can’t go out looking like that- get something that suits your figure

Once you stop and analyse the thoughts that come into your head you maybe surprised how many of them don’t align with your own beliefs and values and what’s important to you in life. And once you’ve put those thoughts into boxes you can decide what to do with them- are they useful for you? Does caregiver A need that box back and you’re never going to open it again? Awareness is the key to change - without awareness we cannot change anything.

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